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Powerful CRM

Our products leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform to bring to life a set of Powerful customer relationship management tools specialized for the hospitality industry. Resorts, Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Golf Courses, and Hospitality Management Companies of all sizes can benefit from our solutions.

By unifying guest engagements in a single platform you will build a complete 360° Profile of your customers. Act on this rich information to provide unique customer experiences and create "Raving Fans"!

We offer two products HotelCRM 365 and Hospitality Suite CRM. HotelCRM 365 is the perfect small footprint solution for CORE crm features like automated messaging and targeted email marketing. Hospitality Suite CRM offers the same core features of HotelCRM 365 along with many extended features to manage your guest relationships end-to-end.

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Feature List
  Hotel CRM 365 Hospitality Suite
Email Marketing
Automated Correspondence
SMS Text Messaging
Property Management System (PMS) integration
Systems integrations (e.g. Dining, Spa, Golf)  
Online Guest Profile
Online Comment Cards
Online Amenities Ordering  
Call Center Integration  
Unified Guest Itinerary  
Unified Arrivals Report  
Guest Incident Tracking  
Internal Helpdesk  
Internal Amenities Management  
Customer Gift Card tracker  

    360° Profile

  • Build A Robust Guest Profile with Data From Across your Property
    Hospitality Suite CRM interfaces with many industry leading property management systems (PMS), Spa Management Systems (SMS), Table Management Systems (TMS) and Tee-Time Management Systems to unify transactions data.

    Then Hospitality Suite CRM takes over to become your management system for all guest interactions from marketing to tracking customer complaints, amenities requests, gift cards & more. The result? all your guest data distilled into a single 360° Profile

  • Engaging Communications

  • Automated Correspondence
    Send automatic confirmation, pre-stay, post-stay emails. Build your own attractive HTML emails or use our templates. Use these communications to keep your guests informed and encourage upselling.  
  • Targeted EMarketing
    Send attractive HTML Email campaigns with targeted precision. Track campaigns with basic reports.
  • SMS Texting
    Send targeted SMS text messages both for guest communication and marketing purposes.

  • Guest Portal

  • Online Guest Profile Portal
    Encourage your guests to help you complete the 360° Profile by giving them online access to their profile basics. Allow guests to control marketing preferences, as well as basic biographical information and their personal preferences.  
  • Online Comment Cards Portal
    After your guests visit they can complete online customer surveys and comment cards.
  • Online Amenities Ordering
    Send guests a link along with their confirmation and pre-arrival emails inviting them to order amenities on your guest portal.

  • Unique Insights & Effeciencies

  • Unified Guest Itinerary
    By unifying guest data across your software systems Hospitality Suite CRM allows you to provide an automated, up-to-date guest itinerary. Save time and give your guests that extra touch.
  • Improved Arrivals Reports
    You won't be limited by the weak Arrivals Report generated by your Property Managemenet System. The Arrivals Report generated by Hospitality Suite CRM includes added information from the guest profile and your other interfaced software systems.
  • Call Center Integration
    Improve guest interactions and employee efficiency by displaying guest profile information automatically when they call.

  • Case Tracking

  • Guest Incident Tracking
    When things go wrong turn them around! When a guest has a problem, turn it into a Guest Problem Resolution! With comprehensive incident tracking all your employees can be in the loop as you work to correct guest issues.
  • Internal Help Desk
    Improve your guest service by improving your internal services. Hospitality Suite CRM provides incident management for internal operations such as Housekeeping, Engineering, and I.T.


Dynamics 365 Platform

At its heart Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a software development platform. Dynamics 365 is completely extensible, designed with customization in mind. The core of the product is what Microsoft calls the xRM Platform (Anything Relationship Management). While the product comes from Microsoft with some powerful generic CRM features, these features are not tailored for Hospitality. This is where Hospitality Suite CRM comes in. We build on the base platform produced by Microsoft to provide tools for Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Spas, Golf Courses, and Hospitality Management Companies.

Avoid costly custom development!! Benefit from ongoing improvements to the base platform by Microsoft, and ever evolving features to Hospitality Suite from HospitalitySoft.

Where gaps exist, you have complete control of your system and you can engage HospitalitySoft or any of thousands of Dynamics 365 experts to customize your system for you.

There are literally hundreds of add-ons for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform which you can install to expand on the capabilities introduced by Hospitality Suite CRM.

Link Dynamics 365 to the Microsoft Power Platform to unleash your data with tools like Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) and Microsoft Flow.



Support & Training

Hospitality Soft offers complete support for Hospitality Suite CRM and your underlying Dynamics 365 system. Customers can access the customer portal to submit a support request.



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